Cavallo Point Engagement Shoot

May 15, 2017

This Cavallo Point Engagement shoot just melts my heart! Crazy how love brings people together from different continents, different backgrounds. This fabulous lady in red, split her time between France and the States while growing up, and it’s been wonderful to visit to her homeland twice since we started planning her wedding! So excited for their coming up wedding end of the month, it will be French inspired, beautiful, and unforgettable!

Cavallo Point Engagement Shoot

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How to get back to a routine, life lessons and jobs on the go.

April 4, 2017

Wondering how to get back to a routine? My job requires lots of trips out of town, meetings, planning sessions and sometimes even trips abroad. One thing I got extremely accustomed to is picking up where I left off and starting my routine all over. Easy you might say? Not so much. While my body does need rest after days on the road, sometimes the best way to get back to a routine is not by resting, but jumping right back to your usual activities. If it’s gym in the mornings, don’t miss it, just make it a lighter work out session. Office work to attend to? Tackle a few tasks and client emails and call it a day.

For me it’s my music lessons. Who wants to go after no hours of practice? But something about taking it slow while still sticking to your appointments is therapeutic. I took Monday very slow. At the same time, after my viola lesson I told my teacher I’m so glad I came. The numbers of hours you spend catching up later is simply not worth it. Finally, if you have more tips on resuming a routine after a break? Please share in the comments.

And because posts are better with a photo, how about Florence, Italy? Excited to be back in Italy end of this month!

How to get back to a routine

Florence, Italy

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Point Reyes Engagement shoot: Bernadine + Zac

April 1, 2017

This Point Reyes Engagement shoot is about to leave you speechless. You’d never guess just how cold it was. The sunlit images speak warmth, but these two have really done an amazing job in planning their engagement shoot and bearing the cold.

Eight miles, 30 minutes of sunset light, two hours of moon and star light and you have this! Thanks guys for an epic shoot at Point Reyes today.

point reyes engagement shoot

point reyes engagement shoot, olive dress engagement session, beach engagement photos, big sur engagement photos

point reyes engagement shoot, olive dress engagement session, beach engagement photos, big sur engagement photos

point reyes engagement shoot, olive dress engagement session, beach engagement photos, big sur engagement photos

point reyes engagement shoot, olive dress engagement session, beach engagement photos, big sur engagement photos

point reyes engagement shoot, olive dress engagement session, beach engagement photos, big sur engagement photos

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Ritz Carlton Videographer Part II

March 31, 2017

Happy Friday world, I hope you’ve enjoyed yesterday’s read on should I hire a wedding videographer? You can do so here.
Today I’m bringing you an interview with a wedding videographer of David Devad Studios, whom I highly admire. First of all, David’s values of serving clients and providing exceptional client care is what I respect so much. In addition, I’ll be working on many future projects with David and if you still need a videographer to capture your wedding, you can see his timeless work here.

Now David, take it away!

Hi everyone, my name is David and together with my wife, and several videographers and assistants under me, I run a large video company. Our projects focus on weddings and documentary films, and our job takes us all over Northern California and beyond.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from our Creator’s beauty which surrounds me, and from the love of my creative wife.

What are your favorite places to shoot?
Any place with relaxing atmosphere is great. Julia Morgan Ballroom weddings and Ritz Half Moon Bay weddings are on my top list.

How did you get started in videography?
I started as an intern at my church where my passion for videography grew into what it is today; and is still growing day by day.

With all the changes in technology what is one cool feature you include for your clients?
With all the changes in technology one of the many cool features we include for our clients is 4K resolution leaving the client with beyond average film quality. Another cool feature I do need to mention is the drone shots! Clients are always on the edge to see aerial shots of their wedding captured with the drone!

What is one tip you can give to brides to get the most out of their wedding video?
One of the biggest tips I can give brides is to enjoy each moment of their special day without worrying about details that we are sure to capture. As a result, I tell my brides, “You did all the planning and now it’s time to take it all in and enjoy.”

If not capturing stories through video what would you do?
I honestly do not know what I would do in life if it wasn’t video/film, but with my outgoing and creative personality I see myself as a project manager.

What are you working on now?
I am currently working on a music video that I fully produced and directed.

Tell us a fun fact about you?
I was born in a country that no longer exists.

In conclusion, rumors have it you’re heading to NYC for more weddings, what other cities are on your list to shoot?
As of now I am shooting in San Diego and San Francisco, but as you yourself know, you never know which city will book you tomorrow, or even today!

You can find more of David’s work at devadweddings.com

In addition, you can find David on social media:

Finally, here is a photo of David himself!
ritz carlton Videographer

Happy weekend everyone. In addition, you can find part I of this post here.

Finally, two video highlights from David.

Natalie +Paul / Wedding Preview from David (Devad Studios) on Vimeo.

And, in addition . . .

Vanessa & Sergey / Wedding Preview from David (Devad Studios) on Vimeo.


The Ritz Carlton Videographer, Part I

March 30, 2017

Should I hire a wedding videographer? I hear this question from my brides so often, that today I wanted to share a story from my personal experience. Coffee in hand? Great, read on:

The day was coming to the end. The myriads of candles all around the property were put out and the stringed lights above the lawn were about to be dimmed. This was a perfect day! One you could dream about and see in magazines. My sister’s wedding day was nothing short of perfection. At the end, all I wanted that warm October evening was to relive the day over and over again … to hear the laughter … to see the smiles … to hear the jazz band play … to see my sister glowing.

If you could only see my excitement when we got the wedding video highlight! Video did just that for me. It allowed me to relive the day over and over again. There are many investment that come to planning a wedding, but include a video is one you won’t regret. After all the colors of the day fade, they can suddenly all come alive with your wedding video. Having said that, I wanted to introduce a good friend and colleague in the wedding industry. David of David Devad Studios who specializing in telling your wedding story seamlessly. David is truly a Ritz Carlton Videographer, because you get exceptional experience, exceptional video, exceptional client care! Could a bride ask for more?

I thought it would be fun for you to get to know David a little more, so how about an interview with the artist himself? Finally, I’ll be sharing the full interview tomorrow, but for now you can find links to David’s work below!

Website: devadstudio.com

In addition, you can find David on social media:

Finally, stay tuned for Ritz Carlton Videographer Part 2 coming tomorrow!