The Ritz Carlton Videographer, Part I

March 30, 2017

Should I hire a wedding videographer? I hear this question from my brides so often, that today I wanted to share a story from my personal experience. Coffee in hand? Great, read on:

The day was coming to the end. The myriads of candles all around the property were put out and the stringed lights above the lawn were about to be dimmed. This was a perfect day! One you could dream about and see in magazines. My sister’s wedding day was nothing short of perfection. At the end, all I wanted that warm October evening was to relive the day over and over again … to hear the laughter … to see the smiles … to hear the jazz band play … to see my sister glowing.

If you could only see my excitement when we got the wedding video highlight! Video did just that for me. It allowed me to relive the day over and over again. There are many investment that come to planning a wedding, but include a video is one you won’t regret. After all the colors of the day fade, they can suddenly all come alive with your wedding video. Having said that, I wanted to introduce a good friend and colleague in the wedding industry. David of David Devad Studios who specializing in telling your wedding story seamlessly. David is truly a Ritz Carlton Videographer, because you get exceptional experience, exceptional video, exceptional client care! Could a bride ask for more?

I thought it would be fun for you to get to know David a little more, so how about an interview with the artist himself? Finally, I’ll be sharing the full interview tomorrow, but for now you can find links to David’s work below!


In addition, you can find David on social media:

Finally, stay tuned for Ritz Carlton Videographer Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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Behind the scenes of running a business, coffee dates, and lasting friendships

March 30, 2017

Imagine getting coffee with someone 15 years from now. Imagine the conversations you would have. The talks about just how much your life changed? All the different people that passed through your life in and out. Career paths change. Different city. A new discovered passion that changed your whole life? This morning was like that for me. Connecting with a friend from high school, and yes, we did promise each other not to wait another 15 years to grab a cup of coffee. We’ve talked a little about everything under the sun. My seven years of running a photography business photography business summarize in a sentence. My college days living in Israel. How I get mistaken for a bridesmaid at weddings because of the nice dresses I wear.

Running a wedding photography business set me on a different path I ever would have picked, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Today, I wanted to share a little bit of behind the scenes of my business, so you would see what a typical day looks like for me.

Coming up this weekend . . . I have two engagement sessions, one that will require a few miles to hike to the beach. This week I delivered engagement session to a client. Edited sneak peeks of the bride for last week’s wedding. I’m also working on adding more and more film photos into my portfolio. That means, more practice with a friend this afternoon. Carrying my extra heavy film camera to the beach tomorrow for more practice. In addition, I’ve done quiet a bit of research on the new lens I need. I’m also moving offices, so emptied out my current office of everything yesterday. I have no idea where the energy came from, but I am now starring at the only two objects left in my office, a desk and a chair. Good thing I left the chair, otherwise I would be typing this standing ;).

This afternoon, I am meeting with my new intern for summer weddings. Oh wait, I have a session booked too, somehow the day will have to stretch itself people! In addition, I just watched a live webinar. Education is something so crucial to any business and this duo did an amazing job teaching. And yes, I now am planning my own webinar! And now I blog, since the webinar said to go blog! During the webinar I also bought a dress online, because I love shooting weddings in gorgeous dresses! This was real multitasking. And now, I remember that I have to pack for France, again. I feel like I just came back from Paris, but more shoots and weddings coming up!

This is just the surface, but I thought it would be fun to share what my typical day/week can look like. My job is so on the go, but I’m thankful for this quiet moment of sitting in my office alone, typing, dreaming, learning, and excited to serve my clients with amazing photos, over and over again!

What are your job perks, assignments for the week? Especially if it’s differing from running a photography business, please share in the comments, I would love to hear what others are doing at their desks, where in the world this post might find you!

Stay inspired,

running a photography business


Mountain Winery Wedding

March 26, 2017

Today’s Mountain Winery Wedding was all I could dream about and reminded me of just how much I love my job. First of all seeing my couple completely in love. Walking hand in hand. Mingling with their guests. Constantly smiling . . . all of these just made my realize how wonderful of a job I have. And then finally spending a day with people who radiate happiness and kindness is a job perk that will make anyone jealous.

And because posts are better with a picture here is one from Italy. The Mountain Winery reminded me so much of the lush green hills of Tuscany. First of all, the winery boasts two Italian inspired facades. All of which make for amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. And when I photographed by one of the large rustic doors of the winery, all I could think of is the beautiful doors all around Italy. And because I’m just as happy as this bride in this photo, it suits the post perfectly.

Here is beautiful Italian soul, the lovely Vittoria twirling in her wedding dress. Taken at the stairs leading up to the Basilica in Siena and that light was just perfect! Happy weekend world!

mountain winery wedding

Mountain winery wedding, Italian inspiration

In addition, to see more photos from Italy go here.


Auberge du Soleil Wedding: Ariel + Steve

March 23, 2017

Auberge du Soleil wedding is an intimate and luxury wedding venue in the Napa Valley and Sonoma area. The windy turns through ancient oaks will lead you up the hill to this hidden gem. Only when you pass through Auberge courtyard and restaurant, will you find the breathtaking view that’s worth all the travel. First of all, I love watching guests taking photos on the balcony of the gorgeous view. Rain or shine, the miles of vineyards and lush green hills below make it a spectacular view! And today, I want to share a very sweet and intimate destination wedding.

Ariel and Steve came all the way from Chicago with their guests for Auberge du Soleil wedding. The Friday afternoon predicted rain, but we had clear skies all day long! First off the beautiful bride herself!

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

A day that start with a little bling from Jimmy Choo is a good day.
Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

The couple stayed at a cute airbnb just around the corner from Rutherford and  it offered great backdrop for their photos. In addition, the lush courtyard with trees and foliage didn’t hurt either!

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

And this is what happens when the bride and groom get ready together! Love this sweet moment of Steve helping Ariel into her shoes!

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

And this lovely bird cage veil perfectly complimented Ariel’s attire!

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Another timeless classic! The father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle! Love all of the cedar wood beams of Auberge balcony.

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Another perk of Auberge is this shot from the restaurant balcony.

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

And finally, married!
Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Finally, Auberge is unique in that it has a secluded olive orchard that the couples get to enjoy after their wedding! Photos here are some of my favorites!

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

Auberge Du Soleil Wedding01

In addition to all the planning by bride and groom and the Auberge Staff, here are all the people that made the day amazing:

Creative Team:

Flower: Tesoro Flowers
Cake: Fleur de Lisa Cakes
DJ: AMS Entertainment LLC
Makeup + Hair: Allison Wu
Wedding Dress: Lazaro
String Quartet: Eloquence Strings
Officiant: Natalie King

Finally you can see more Auberge du Soleil Weddings here.

Find out if your wedding date is available here.

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Who do you want to be when you grow up?

March 22, 2017

Who do you want to be when you grow up? This question was asked so innocently and with a sweet smile on her face. My friend’s daughter is nine and while waiting for her mom to arrive we chatted in the car about school, dreams, and of course the one day career path!

“Well, I kind of, sort of . . . grew up,” I started to answer. And then my tiny friend rolled into laughter. “I forgot,” she said, “You’re already a photographer.” And then she proceeded to tell me how she wants to be a police officer and of course she wants to sleep when she grow up ;).

The truth is, I couldn’t get her question out of my head. Yes, by thirty I hope someone is already grown up and knows what they are doing. But with the ever changing technology, possibilities, could it be that we need to keep on dreaming? Is my life all that I dreamt it to be? Did I allow the “grown up” status to keep me from becoming even greater and better at what I do. Am I stuck with doing what I know, and in my comfort zone, fearing the things that could really push me to greater heights?

If you’re anything like me and wondering the same thing, perhaps today is a good day to ask yourself this and many other good questions? Perhaps today we can take a small step to writing down our ideas on paper? What we want our life to look like? Where we want to make a difference? And take the small steps to making that happen? And in case you need more inspiration, “A year from now, you’d definitely wish you started today!” Let’s do this friends, and let’s not stop growing! Thoughts? Comments? Would love to hear them in the comments field.

And because posts are better with a photo, how about a photo shoot in Paris?
career path, paris elopement

career path

career path

And in case you’re interested you can read about how I started in photography here.